Beautiful Bountiful

This is a great time of year if you grow any of your own food.  Everything is bursting with fruitfulness (and vegfulness??).

I have a postage-stamp sized garden and a slightly larger allotment at Blarney Park Allotments. Though I frequently wish for a bigger garden, I am very luck to have an allotment on my street, just 5 minutes walk from my house.

As well as more space to grow fruit and veg, the allotments provide a little community all of their own (hello Gerry, Glen, Willie, Eamon, Paddy, Brendan and Mary!)  We share tips and woes (slugs!). We also share tools, seeds, plants and crops too.

Our allotments are idyllically located on the banks of the tiny river Poddle, which is also our primary water source.  The soil is good, though being in an urban environment and the allotments not being very many years in existence, we still occasionally dig up odd scrap metal and other objects. I’ve even found a lucky horseshoe on my plot.  Despite being in an urban environment we also have good exposure to the sun (when it shines!).  All of which makes for great growing environment.

These good conditions have been augmented by the hard work and ingenuity of the allotment holders who have repurposed all sorts of objects as containers or cold frames for growing crops, often with impressive results.

If you are lucky enough to live near allotments I highly recommend signing up for one (though I understand that many have long waiting lists).  Otherwise consider growing some edibles at home, even if your garden is just a pot of basil on a sunny windowsill.  I still get excited watching seeds germinate and really enjoy being able to eat food I’ve grown.

Do you grow any fruit, veg or herbs?


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